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Managerial Success Traits

If it’s hard to hire great people, it’s even harder to hire great managers.

One-Page Business Plan

The One-Page Business Plan is a simple, effective tool that will get your organization sharply focused on its direction and goals. It will help ensure that your people are moving in the right direction by clearly showing them what your company wants to do and how you’ll do it.


One-Page Action Plan

Assemble everyone who can make a goal happen and identify the action steps to achieve the goal. On a flip chart or dry-erase board, write who will achieve each step, the date the step will be completed, and who will hold the person accountable.


Fishbone Diagram

Process mapping for process improvement. This method allows you to examine the process and ask a series of questions and identify any problems. Ineffective or inefficient processes cause a number of issues and problems. 


Goal Setting Worksheet

To help your employees write clear, measurable goals, here’s a formula they can follow. They’ll be well on their way to setting effective goals.


8 Score Card

A tool for measuring employee satisfaction. Both the company leader and individual team members should score each of the eight key criteria that people want from their jobs on a scale of one to ten.


Quarterly Priorities Manager

The Quarterly Debrief follows a structured format. Ask what went well. Once the successes and accomplishments have been gathered, ask, “Can we expect more of that?”


Values Identification Excercise

To identify your company values—or refresh them, if needed—you can use the Values Identification Tool.

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