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Top Tools to Become a Better Recognizer

The power of recognition and appreciation is often overlooked in today's business world. Incorporating these six concepts in your business strategy can strengthen and ultimately help your business grow.

Positive feedback

Since your employees are a valuable asset to your company, incorporating positive feedback will help boost morale and productivity. It's time to start patting people on the back as they make headway on a job or at its conclusion.

Examples: "It's great to see your progress on that project." "Looks like you'll set a new sales record this year." "Thanks for the hard work. And congratulations on winning that bid!"


Talk up the achievements of the company—daily. If your company is hitting milestones, that calls for recognition and appreciation.

Examples: "Our productivity sure is picking up lately." "Did you hear the news about our profit growth?"


Listen to people's problems. Your employees should feel comfortable coming to you with any issue, no matter how big or small. Creating an environment where communication is welcomed leads to better engagement and a positive working environment.

Example: "Would you share that with me?"


Encourage and compliment people whenever possible. A simple phrase can make an employee try a new strategy which could be the next milestone. It allows your employees to feel their unique ideas are appreciated and welcomed.

Example: "You should try your good idea about . . ."


Find ways of being helpful to your team members. Personalizing conversations shows people they are more than just an employee.

Example: "I saw this article that may tie into what you're working on."


Generate hope; there's always light at the end of the tunnel. This positivity can translate into an even bigger picture.

Example: "This storm will pass; they all do. We'll be better for the struggle."


Get people to feel better, no matter how the interaction started. Listen to both sides before providing any feedback.

Example: "What can we do to make this work out better for everyone involved?"

It is easy to lose sight of the human element when running a business. Building your recognition toolbox can positively affect your employees and your business. It will lead to better opportunities, productivity, and positive culture.

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