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The Top Tool for Measuring Employee Satisfaction

Celebrating success goes beyond just writing an encouraging note to a top employee, though. Your whole company also needs to be inspired by celebrating success. A sense of pride and celebration should be instilled throughout your company.

Bring on the Celebration

To start celebrating within your company, make sure you create an upbeat and positive work culture. Allow your employees to express their sense of fun and enthusiasm, and support them as they add a spirit of genuine joy and celebration to your organization. Of course, your own authentic enthusiasm is essential to communicate to the team that celebrating is an important part of the company culture.

Celebrating Starts with You

Not sure how to have individuals contribute to having a positive company culture, a simple self-assessment is an excellent place to start. Make sure to have each team member self-score your company, department, or group; this will help you discover areas that need a tune-up.

The 8-Score Tool

This self-assessment model is based on the CEO Tools 8-Score, which is often used to measure employee satisfaction. Each of the eight key criteria that people want from their jobs is scored on a scale of one to ten by both the company leader and individual team members.

The CEO Tools 8-Score allows a company to do an internal review. They are able to see how they rank in areas such as compensation, recognition, fun, personal growth, communication, and more. This tool helps CEOs become more in tune with what their employees are thinking and ways to boost these employee ratings.

Almost every company could use some improvements in at least some of these eight areas. By making improvements in these areas and incorporating a corporate culture based on celebrating, you can better motivate your employees and reward them for their efforts.

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