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The Leader Defines the Direction

Knowing the direction of your company is the first step to reaching success. Without having a set direction, it is easy to get misguided and lose your company's original goals. In order to stay on the right, it starts with the leader setting the direction.

Lead by Example

As the leader, it’s your responsibility to establish the direction for the organization. You must act and set goals that follow the values, vision, and mission of your company. Your employees should be able to look at you for a source of inspiration for their goals, as well.

Clear Path Forward

You're also responsible for communicating the company's goals throughout the organization with clear and meaningful terms. Clear means that the goals are easy to understand, and meaningful means they are significant and relevant.

For a company to be successful, all members need to understand the direction and believe that it is meaningful— employees and managers, of course, as well as customers, suppliers, and the community.

Hitting the Mark

Once you get everyone on board with direction, then you can narrow in on hitting the goals. A goal is like a dartboard. You don’t have to hit the bullseye every time to score; you can earn points simply by getting on the board. Your company goals must be so clear and so meaningful that they move every constituency toward the bullseye. When the goals are meaningful motivators, everyone will want to play, and everyone will get a shot at the board.

With a set path, a goal-driven leader, and motivated workers, your company will be on its way to achievement.

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