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The CEO Tools Difference: Communicate, Execute, and Optimize

When most people hear CEO, they think it stands for chief executive officer, the highest-ranking person in a company. However, at CEO Tools, the acronym actually stands for Communicate, Execute, and Optimize.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools and how your business can benefit from adopting them.

Beat the Odds

Did you know that only one business in ten will have revenue that exceeds $1 million and more than ten employees? Only one in one hundred businesses will grow revenues above $10 million

with more than twenty-five employees? And if you want to break through to build a $100 million business, the odds are one in 1,000?

How can you beat those odds? By using the right tools to help your business succeed.

What are CEO Tools?

CEO Tools are not actually just tools for CEOs, although certainly any entrepreneurial CEO can use these tools. The tools, techniques, and templates from CEO Tools will show you how to create a stronger business.

Our tools help you get a job done easier, faster, or more effectively. Tools include methods, programs, techniques, or assessments, as well as an action, process, or worksheet.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • Part I - outlines tools and techniques to make it clear where the company is headed.

  • Part II - highlights tools that are designed to complete tasks, so your employees understand how they’re doing.

  • Part III – discusses tools to help you learn how to make your processes better.

Focus on Your Company’s Health

Building a better, stronger business is similar to building a stronger, better body; results don’t just happen overnight. Instead, you have to continually work at it to see improvement.

It’s the same idea for running a healthy business. If you use these tools on a regular and disciplined basis over time, the results they create are absolutely amazing.

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