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The CEO Leadership Letter

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The CEO Leadership Letter is one of the most straightforward and powerful tools for cultivating transparency and trust in an organization. The letter reviews annual objectives, generates energy for quarterly and monthly actions, and recognizes key contributors.

The secret sauce is in the four paragraphs. Follow this recipe and make substitutions as needed:

Paragraph 1: Last Month in Review

Restate the goals you set out to achieve, and then state what you accomplished. If you're ahead of the game, beat that drum. If results are lagging, ask for ideas on ways to close the gap.

Paragraph 2: Recognize Superstars

Share the results that superstar contributors achieved. Tell the story in a way that people will appreciate. Tell who they are, what they did, and most importantly HOW they did it.

Paragraph 3: Reiterate Values

Tell a story about someone who embodies the company's core values.

Paragraph 4: What's Next?

What are the goals and objectives for next month? If it's the beginning of the quarter, include themes, goals, and metrics for the quarter.

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