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Team Direction: Help Employees Set Goals

Updated: May 17, 2021

Once your company has a set direction with clear goals, it is vital to make sure your employees are involved in the goal-setting. Your business is only as successful as your employees are with achieving their goals.

To get where you want to go, everyone on the team must know where the company is headed, what the company goals are, why the goals are important, and what their specific role is in achieving the goals.

It Takes a Team

When setting goals, bring the team together to discuss them—never determine goals for others without their involvement. People will work harder to achieve the goals they create themselves, especially when working in a group.

Having your team set their own goals allows them to be involved in the direction of the company. Employee established goals also give a sense of accountability and ownership for their work. They are able to understand the purpose of the goal better and have more motivation to reach it.

Make it Measurable

One important part of letting your people set the goals is making sure that they are clear and measurable. If employees have an end number to reach, it is easier to track and work towards. A clear goal is more effective than a vague or misunderstood target.

To help your employees write clear, measurable goals, here's a formula. Following the formula makes it easy to teach others to how to set effective goals. Keep in mind the more specific and detailed the goal, the better.

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