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Plan for the Future: Create a Vision

To have a successful business that can survive the test of time, your company has to anticipate the best and plan for the worst. You should always have an eye on the future with the changing trends, new competitors, and evolving technology.

The companies that will make it to the future are the ones that anticipate what might happen and take appropriate action. Remember when Blockbuster Video and Kodak were once industry leaders? They were guilty of not planning for the future.

When your business can positively plan and innovate for the future, you will have a better fighting chance at staying relevant and profitable.

Let Who You Are Guide Where You Are Going

One of the best ways to plan for the future is to have a vision for your business that others can embrace. You must create an exciting, living, breathing vision that’s relevant for everyone in your organization.

When creating your vision, make sure it is brief, concise, flexible, and alive in your company. Your vision needs to guide your company into the future, so it should be present in all decisions that you make. The best visions can adapt to change while staying true to your company’s values.

Who Should See the Vision?

Once you have crafted your vision, create a One-Page Business Plan to capture the vision. Your One-Page Business Plan will allow you to share your vision with others. Hand out your One-Page Business Plan to as many employees and stakeholders as possible. You could even share your plan with some key customers.

By sharing your vision, it allows others to understand the plan, and look toward the future as well. When everyone embraces the same vision, then others can help plan and push your company forward.

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