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One-Page Action Plan to Start the Process

Plans are a good first step, but they’re of little value unless the key players implement them. Here’s a straightforward way to start the implementation process, use the on-page action plan.

Get Started

Step 1. Assemble everyone who can make a goal happen and identify the action steps to achieve the goal. On a flip chart or dry-erase board, write who will achieve each step, the date the step will be completed, and who will hold the person accountable.

Step 2. Conduct regular meetings to review progress and update

or add new action steps. Repeat this process annually.

Don’t Be Afraid to So the “Impossible”

This popular story illustrates the power of having a clear vision and anticipating the future. According to a frequently told tale, a young Fred Smith was in the last year of a master’s degree program when his thesis adviser called him in.

“Fred,” the adviser began, “we’ve looked at your thesis topic, and it

just won’t work. Your idea of delivering packages to people anywhere

in the continental US by 10 o’clock the next day can’t be done.”

You probably recognize Fred Smith as the founder and chief executive of FedEx. He had the audacity to ask, “What’s next?” and “What if?” Today, FedEx generates over $50 billion annually using a concept that was declared impossible.

But that account may not reflect exactly what happened. A gentleman

who worked with Smith in the early days gave a slightly different account of this fable. Apparently, Smith was actually focused on a paper for an undergraduate class, and his idea concerned the overnight transfer of Federal Reserve funds from facility to facility

to allow checks to clear faster. This, too, was considered impossible

back then. But that’s exactly how FedEx started—as the carrier of Federal Reserve funds—and it explains the company’s original name: Federal Express.

Staring can be the most challenging part, but luckily, the One-Page Action Plan guides you to start the process and continuously work towards your goals.

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