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How to Be a Better Leader in 2023

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Becoming a great leader takes time, commitment, and plenty of reflection. Great leadership skills don't happen overnight - they're honed over time as you build your team, encounter novel challenges, or work your way through challenges or opportunities. But committing to excellence for yourself and for your team is where it all begins. If your resolution for 2023 is to elevate your leadership skills, here's how to make it happen.

Look to the Past

All growth is rooted in self-reflection. Take some time to sit and review your achievements from the past year - and reflect on what you might have done differently given what you know now. Consider whether there are common themes to your successes or failures and where you can focus your energies for the best results. Are there areas where you fall short? Strengths you can further deepen? Bring this commitment to reflection with you throughout the year, making it a point to note down challenges or achievements as they happen and what you've learned along the way.

Work on What Matters

Great leaders engage, motivate, and inspire. They do this by choosing organizational goals that resonate with the company culture, their own goals - and the wider team. Begin by identifying a purpose, result, or outcome that would make a meaningful difference to the people you work with and that aligns with the overall company direction, then focus on that. Perhaps it's improved problem-solving and decision-making, better communication, or identifying market shifts early. Be clear about why this goal matters and what it means for your team and your company. The better you can articulate your "why," the more buy-in you'll receive - and the better your outcome.

Set Metrics for Success

Defining your goals and what success looks like is vital if you actually want to attain them. Set realistic goals with a time limit attached - and clear conditions for success. Ensure that these are communicated across your team so that everyone is working from the same page and towards the same end goals. It's much easier to band together and give your all when you're working towards a shared, definite goal than when you're working on something nebulous and ill-defined. Check-in with your team at regular intervals to see how they're faring and make sure they have the tools and resources they need to reach success.

Position Your Team to Lead

One of the most valuable things you can do as a leader is foster the leaders coming up beneath you. Do this through actionable, intentional behaviors with the promise of increased seniority or new duties attached - not just a vague notion of "mentoring." Share your own experiences, ask questions, seek input and feedback, and scaffold nascent leaders toward decision-making. You'll empower your team to take ownership of their work while also training new leaders to move into more senior roles as your organization grows and matures. Additionally, watching your leaders evolve offers power to your own leadership style and skills.

Celebrate Those Wins!

Acknowledgment of effort and achievement is one of the most powerful motivators there is. Great leaders not only value their team but show their team that they're valued. Take the time to individually thank team members for small successes and achievements, and invest in larger celebrations for key milestones, projects, or targets. When your team knows that they're seen and appreciated by leadership, they'll continue to double down and shoot for success.

Lead the Way with CEO Tools

If you're looking for a structured, proven way to elevate your leadership skills in 2023, choose the CEO Tools Leadership system. Our seven-step Learning Modules will help you set the direction of your company, build trust, attract winners and build a more valuable company - all in a series of bite-sized, actionable lessons designed to fit into a busy leader's schedule.

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