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Fuel Your Business with Personal Growth

Opportunities for personal and professional growth play a key role in attracting and retaining good people. While the two may seem unrelated, they are more interconnected than you think.

What is Personal Growth?

Personal growth is the lifelong process of recognizing and developing different qualities to reach one's full potential. While the concept of personal growth may seem complicated, understanding where growth is needed is half of the journey. Whether it be focusing on becoming a better public speaker or becoming more detail-oriented, these activities can further push you toward an overall better leader or employee.

Personal Growth Translates To Successful Businesses

Even the most successful CEOs place great importance on furthering their personal growth and the development of their employees. No matter what stage you may be in your career, emphasizing growth and development will improve the productivity and effectiveness of yourself and your company. Fostering many opportunities for your employees to grow both within themselves and your company results in a better work environment. This will attract and retain good employees and ultimately spark more positive client experiences in the long run.

Ways to Help Foster Personal Growth in your Employees

One way to foster personal growth is to give your employees good business and self-help books. Pick out the books you want them to read and write a personal note on the title page. You can use business best-seller lists as a source of good reading material—or better yet, give out copies of a book you're currently reading. Top-performing companies have extensive training and/or learning programs. At, for example, employees can check out a book from the company's extensive lending library of business books.

Remember, your personal growth journey is the root of your role as a business owner, company leader, or even new hire. Investing time in yourself should be considered a commitment because the results can significantly impact your employees and business organization.

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