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Executive Recognition Programs

One of the most significant impacts on outstanding performance is receiving recognition. For most companies, recognition is part of an internal strategic program for your employees. However, business leaders can benefit from a different kind of recognition program, an executive peer group.

Learn from the Best

One of the ultimate tools for the development of leaders is membership in an executive peer group such as Vistage, Renaissance Executive Forums, Chief Executive Network, Convene, TAB, EO, and YPO. These organizations conduct monthly meetings that are limited to peers at the executive level and include diverse industries and business models. The members present and discuss the major challenges and opportunities their businesses face and receive valuable input from the other members. Many of the programs include an executive coaching component.

Ask Your Peers

The power of receiving objective, unbiased feedback from executive peers—whose only agenda is to help each other build a company that runs more effectively and to encourage each other to live more stress-free lives—is without equal. An executive peer group’s purpose is to help each other learn, grow, and succeed.

One of the ultimate tools to use for senior leaders and managers is an investment in their ongoing development. This could include management development and training programs at universities or through training companies like Crestcom or Sandler Sales.

When it comes to having successful leaders, don't neglect to give them the recognition and development to take them to the next level.

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