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Communicate with Weekly Updates

When it comes to being a company leader, it becomes very important to communicate to the company, but in an efficient way; this is where the weekly update comes in. A written update is more efficient than a meeting, but it still allows you to share information and keep your team up to date.

Crafting a Weekly Update

A weekly update from a company leader can include exciting news about customers, employee successes, and milestones (for example, birthdays, engagements and marriages, work anniversaries). It can also mention progress toward company goals and standings on contests. Each week pick relevant and inspiring information from across the company to share.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

A weekly update is a great way to keep everyone in the loop. It’s an especially great tool in companies with remote locations because it lets everyone know what’s happening throughout the organization.

A key to the success of a regular update is input from across the company. So, get all your functional and department managers to submit timely information about their teams and team members. If you like, the weekly update can follow a regular pattern:

  • Week one focus: prior month’s results

  • Week two focus: top sales producers or revenues

  • Week three focus: on employees who've done fun and interesting things, for example, 5K runs, triathlons, or other competitive sports events; or employees who’ve devoted time to support charitable events

  • Week four focus: reinforce the focus and goals for the quarter and upcoming month

A weekly update is a great way to stay connected to your team and add a personal touch. It is also an effective way to share valuable information without taking up too much time.

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