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Build Your Employer Brand Proposition

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Once you have narrowed down your pool of candidates, you will want to bring them in for interviews. When interviewing the candidates, you are interested in hiring, make sure you make them want to work for your company as well.

Sell Your Company

You want the final interview to make a persuasive case that sells the candidate on joining your company. One tool is to build your employer brand proposition, which convinces prospective employees that your company is a great place to work.

To add to your employer brand proposition, have a great story to tell about your company so that candidates can understand your goals and values. Also, make sure to highlight opportunities for personal growth within your company. You will need to discuss your culture of ongoing coaching and praise and recognition. You should express to candidates how communication, trust, feedback, and openness are an integral part of your business.

Be Competitive

Additionally, make sure your company has a competitive compensation plan for your industry. Your company should offer a strong compensation package, and tools and training to support new hires and employees. This will help build your employer brand proposition and stand out to prospective candidates.

Create A Positive Environment

Employees want to work for a company that they are passionate about, and where their work feels appreciated. Your company should have a recognition system to acknowledge the hard work of your employees. In addition to recognizing employees’ efforts, provide a fun and positive work environment. When a potential candidate can see the positive environment during the interview, they will be more excited to join your team.

Set Them Up for Success

After you have hired a winner, make sure you set them up for a smooth transition into your company. Your company should provide new hire training and resources to prepare them for the job. Additionally, your whole team should be welcoming the new employees into the company and making them feel comfortable. When you onboard your new hires well, then you are better able to coach them moving forward.

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