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Become a Student of Recruiting

Many think you are done recruiting once you fill a position, but that is just the beginning. When it comes to recruiting, you should always be learning and focusing on how to improve.

Recruiting 101

Once you commit to becoming an expert at recruiting, you also become a student of recruiting. Regularly take the time to research competitors and see what other companies are doing, such as CEO peer groups, industry peer groups, chambers of commerce, and service clubs. Then brainstorm new approaches that can be implemented into your company.

Always Be On

Once every position in the company is filled, you still need to keep ads up for new hires. These applications go into the waitlist pile. When a position opens, look at the most attractive candidates and contact them first. You might have already interviewed your waitlist candidates even. It’s not unheard of anymore. Finding and hiring employees has become a full-time job for many companies. Hire a full-time, on-staff recruiter and recruit fifty-two weeks per year.

Think Outside of the Box

One of the best ways to find talent is to look in nontraditional places; this includes retirees, interns, college students, part-timers, parents at home, and independent contractors represent a rapidly increasing segment of the workforce. Think of ways to engage these kinds of employees and also help get them on your waitlist.

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