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Achieve Strategic Alignment

When it comes to setting the direction for your company, one important factor to implement is having strategic alignment.

Get Aligned

Strategic alignment is the process of ensuring all business elements are working together to support your business’s strategies. All your departments, teams, resources, and individuals have to connect their strategic efforts to the organization’s overarching strategic goals, objectives, and actions.

Decide On Your Strategies

Strategic alignment starts by developing five strategies that will move the company forward over the next two or three years. These strategies will guide your team and make sure that everyone understands the company's direction. They are implemented into the company's day-to-day decisions.

Next, generate five tactics for each strategy to accomplish this year. Then break it down into specific actions to be done each quarter to do what is needed now. These tactics will make accomplishing your strategies more attainable.

Hold Accountability

One of the best ways to keep strategic alignment is by having accountability. Let your employees have accountability by deciding a metric to track and a goal to shoot for and assigning a specific person responsible for tracking the progress and requesting resources.

By creating specific goals, tactics, and strategies that everyone is aware of, your company can move forward as a strategic unit.

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