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A Culture of Accountability & Reinforcement

One of the most critical factors to set the direction for your company is communication about your goals. It is vital to make sure that all employees understand what is being asked of them, and that they are on the same page of the company’s goals.

Your team should understand the direction the business is heading and feel motivated to reach the established goals. When communicating goals to employees, make sure you define everyone’s accountability in achieving the goal and use positive reinforcement when the goals are met.

Accountability Promotes Ownership

Do your employees know where the company is headed, what it will take to get there? Accountability is essential to making sure everyone is heading the same direction. Each person should be aware of the specific tasks they are responsible for, as well as understanding the goals they should aim for.

One of the best ways to establish accountability is for each task to have someone responsible for tracking the progress and requesting resources. Additionally, a metric should be set to track progress and a goal for the worker to accomplish. This employee will be accountable for making sure the tasks move forward and have a clear understanding of how to reach the goal.

Positive Reinforcement Packs a Workplace Punch

Is your team motivated deep down to achieve your goals and ready to hurdle every obstacle? Goals should be the driving force for your company and reflected in your culture. Use repetitive communication about goals and give everyone encouragement. Goals should become a positive challenge rather than a meaningless chore.

Once goals are met, make sure to address your employees’ hard work. Provide ongoing, positive feedback to show your employees that it’s important to achieve the goals and to prime them for the next round of goal achievement. Your employees should be proud to achieve a goal and feel motivated to tackle the next goal. Reaching a goal should be fun and exciting and not feel like a chore.

Built for Success

When your culture is built on sharing the needed information, accountability to take action, and permission to make mistakes, then your employees can flourish. They are able to take ownership and pride in their work while keeping with the direction of the company.

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