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A Cadence of Communication

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

People who are in difficult relationships often say that the main problem is lack of communication. "They don't communicate," they say. This usually means that either the quantity or quality of communication has diminished (or both).

In organizations, it is essential to establish and adhere to a reliable pattern of communication.

Think about how and what we communicate on an annual timeline:

Annually: Review the Plan

Is everyone clear on the plans, goals, and objectives for the new year?

Quarterly: Review the Objectives

What progress has been made on the directional objectives? Who should be celebrated for their contributions in performance, effort or even tenure?

Monthly: Review the Results

How do you measure the success of your efforts? Are they paying off? If not, what changes should be made to improve?

Weekly: Review the Metrics

Are your time and energy producing the results you wish to achieve?

Daily: Review Your Actions

Did your words, actions, and efforts today move you closer to results? Did they contribute to creating the culture you desire?

Rinse and repeat.

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