Think, Manage & Lead Like A CEO

The proven step-by-step business system
that drives consistent results.

Some companies seem to thrive naturally, attaining success after success. Others limp from one lackluster year to the next.


In CEO Tools 2.0, CEO coach and C-Level executive Jim Canfield reveals the importance of making your business meaningful to yourself, your customers, and your employees. You’ll discover how to better communicate your goals, execute your intentions, and optimize your results. The end goal is a healthy, flourishing company that maximizes profits while freeing CEOs from the tyranny of daily operations.


Filled with practical, actionable ideas and relevant case studies, CEO Tools 2.0 builds upon and updates Kraig Kramers’ original CEO Tools. This powerful system enables you to make the most of your time and expertise—and become the CEO you were meant to be.


Imagine having time to fully develop your personal and professional interests, confident in your team’s ability to provide high-quality service, products, and results. This is what CEO Tools offers through a series of seven simple but profound steps.


Author and CEO Tools Managing Director, Jim Canfield is available as a Keynote Speaker and conducts workshops with business groups and CEO organizations nationwide. 


In speaking engagements and workshops, Jim Canfield walks participants through the 7 Steps of CEO Tools' exclusive CEO Business System.

CEO Tools educates business owners and managers on how to become more effective leaders. Our business system will change the way you Think about your businesses.  You’ll learn new ways to Manage people and processes to Lead your company like the CEO success stories in CEO Tools.


​If you are seeking a way to energize your business group or employees, contact us or call +1 619-930-5468 for more information.


Author and CEO Tools

Managing Director


CEO Tools is currently developing a certification program which will allow business  consultants, coaches and advisory group leaders to become part of the CEO Tools team.

Our program will offer training, exclusive tools and resources to allow our Certified Coaches to teach the program to business leaders and build stronger consulting relationships as well as expand their businesses.  Our program is very selective, based on the skills and qualifications of the individual.  If you have an interest in being considered for CEO Tools Certified Coach Program, contact us to learn more.



Co-author of The New One Minute Manager® and coeditor of Servant Leadership in Action

Jim Canfield and I think alike. We believe that leadership is something you do with people. Read CEO Tools 2.0 and get the tools you need to build a better future for yourself, your people and your organization.



Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and Success Principles™

Although we are not related, Jim and I certainly share similar thoughts and ideas about what it takes to build a successful business, In his book, CEO Tools 2.0, Jim outlines a system and provides the tools for any CEO, owner or manager to create breakthrough results. Using the tools in this book is the path to transforming your business today.


New York Times best-selling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc.

Culture is number-one at Zappos. We know that when we get that right, providing great customer service and building an enduring brand will fall into place. The tools featured in CEO Tools 2.0 offer a guide to measure metrics, assess performance and create a culture of ongoing improvement.




CEO Tools provides business performance tools and resources that empower CEOs and executive managers to increase performance and drive profitable growth.

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