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March 12-Seasons: “Best Financials” Re-Forecasting Tool

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Click on the following to see the free PDF example of “Best Financials Re-forecasting” tool:

Best Fins

Hope this is  helpful in getting or staying  on track this year!  Very best, Kraig





Jan 2013 12-Seasons: TOP TOPLINE TOOLS!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

January’s 12-Seasons kicks the year off right by focusing on getting more top-line results, more volume in your business.  Not a re-hash, but better ways for you to identify and get new customers and more sales with existing customers.  Here are the top five top-line improvers, in rank order:

 Customer TOMA Tool
 Customer Care Tool
 Feed Customer-Garden
 Give Customers 100:100
 Customer Calendar

What is each and how implement to get remarkable results?  The most impactful tool for getting new customers and selling existing customers more is the TOMA (top-of-mind-awareness) system given to us by the greatest marketing guru, Jim Cecil.  Very simply, touch both customers and prospects eight times a year with a “non-selling” message…they will contact YOU the minute they need what you do sell.  You will be Top-of-Mind with them!  That simple!  Use a CRM (customer relationship management) tool to send them a personal card, a tool that will help them, an article that might be of interest, just a “touch.”  See the free TOMA tool on our website for more detail.

Customer Care is also simple: provide amenities to your customer that no one else does.  Like an informational monthly summary that talks about their business, not yours.

Feed Customer Garden (also from Jim Cecil):  separate your customers into three or four groups that individually need a different kind of “customer care” — your competitors don’t do this!

Give Customers 100:100 is a combination of the above: when you provide the accumulated attention from the above tools, you are giving the customer “100%” or maybe even 110%.  Then when you need favors of customers, they will be happy to accommodate a request for a one-time earlier payment, or understanding of a slightly late shipment, or a concession of some other kind.  They’re willing to give 100% because you did.

Finally, the Customer Calendar is simply a tracking system to assure you are doing the above new behaviors; a simple reminder system to alert you to take action.  More detail on each tool is available at and for you.

As always, we hope these ideas help your top-line and thereby your bottom-line in 2013!

With very best New Year and business betterment wishes, Kraig


2013 Twelve Seasons

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

In 2013, we’ve been asked to focus “12 Seasons of Business” first on things that increase top-line results, and second on things that bring more to the bottom-line.  This of course assumes everyone has heard plenty this past year on cash management, which in many ways is more paramount than P&L, particularly with the continuing uncertain times ahead.  If you still need better cash focus, please visit our website to check out Cash Manager Tool and our blogsite to search on “cash” to see numerous 2012 short articles on improved cash management.

With that as the focus, here are the topics for each month:
1)  Top five customer tools to grow top-line results.
2)  Top five people tools to grow top and bottom lines.
3)  Top five planning tools to improve focus on goals.
4)  Top five strategy tools to grow top-line.
5)  Top five goal realization tools.
6)  Top five tools to track key indicators and turn measure-into-action.
7)  Top five ideas to incrementally grow top-line.
8)  Top five ideas to handle inflation.
9)  Top five ideas to sell more to existing customers.
10) Top five ideas to sell more to new customers.
11) Top five tools for probable 2014 recession.
12) Top five tools of the year!

Once again, our hope is that the 2013 year brings you huge success using these and other business tools!  Also included below is the Top 45 Tools list.

Very best throughout 2013, Kraig


October 12 Seasons: Max Benefit from Trailing 12-Month Charts

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Twelve Seasons this month turns to  getting the most from Trailing-12-Month Charts (T12Ms)!  If you are not familiar with T12Ms, please visit our website and click on New Tools Catalog (upper left of home-page), then scroll down to Trailing 12-Month Chart Tool and open the free PDF.

Here’s how to hugely benefit from T12Ms:   first, use T12M and Trailing-52-Week and Trailing-4-Quarter Charts for ALL your metrics or key indicators. Also use Twelve-Month-Moving Average Charts for all your percents, ratios, and indices.

Second, follow the simple “rules of the road” from the following Chart Tips List:
1. Line graphs, never bar charts, seldom pie. 
2. One graph per chart…stack charts vertically if you want comparatives!
3. Two years of history plus the year we’re now in and tracking.
4. Re-scale to fill up vertical space (search on RE-SCALING at
5. T12M for one variable vs. 12MMA for two (%, ratio, index).
6. Right chart time frequency:  T12M, T4Q, T52W, and/or T365D.
7. Power-Tools:  4-Charts, 5-Charts, 8-Charts @
8. Only T12M-type charts; those ordinary and YTD charts lie!
9. You can track ANYTHING with T12M and related charts.
10.Use to forecast, budget, or projections – then track actuals against.
11.No trailing 3-month, 6-month, or 18-month charts:  they’ll bite you!
12.Charts should have white background and big data point markers along
   the lines of your graphs.
13.Eventually, we’ll talk about 3-over-3 and 12-over-12 charts (also known
   as rate-of-change charts), but please understand T12Ms thoroughly first,
   else confusion will probably result!  Yes, I do love those RoC charts, too!
14.Try Dashboards: visit, click on New Tools Catalog,
   then scroll down to various dashboards on many business topics!

Third, whenever you review at a T12M or equivalent, use your “analytical brain” to see what is really happening, and then take action.  You can turn on your analytical brain simply by asking these three questions:
1) What are the charts trying to tell me?
2) Why is this happening?
3) What could or should I do about this?  Namely, do take action!

You will find T12Ms and the like will be MUCH more helpful in pointing all your business decisions in prodigiously positive and productive directions.

My wish is that your tracking with T12Ms from now on gives you HUGE advantages over competition!    All the best, Kraig Kramers


Re-Mix Your Production/Service Sourcing!

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

How about finding geographically-distant producers of products/services similar to you that you don’t really compete with, and then working with them to “share” production/service specialties?  By them producing one product or service in larger joint quantities and you producing another in larger joint quantities, you can usually reduce total delivered cost!  Why not explore the possibilities of shared but joint efficiency!

Best remixing of sourcing wishes, Kraig


Re-Mix Your Market Segmentation

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

What if you tracked which geographic, demographic, or product-market segments were the most profitable?  Could you then devise a strategy to penetrate the more profitable ones more deeply, thereby improving your profit dollars?  Many smart companies do just that!

Best segmentation re-mixing wishes, Kraig


Re-Mix Your Customer Re-Order Retention Rate!

Monday, July 9th, 2012

What if you tracked your existing customer re-orders (or re-bookings, or additional sales), and then strategized a methodology to improve the re-order rate?  You can!  Start with Trailing 52-Week Charts (T52W) from under New Tools Catalog and measure how you’re doing now.  Then work on a social marketing approach that keeps them coming back.  You’ll be glad you tried this!

Very best re-mixing wishes, Kraig

PS – You can start with a multi-week-moving-average (MWMA) chart if you don’t have historical data on Customer re-orders!



Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

We have a NEW updated through-2013 version of the MEASURE-UP DASHBOARD now available at in the New Tools Catalog.  It is fully usable through December 2013 with an updated, annual-adjusted, and improved version of the Inventory Earn-n-Turn chart.  For anyone who got the tool from CEO Tools website in the past, we are offering a free copy of this 2013 version…please email us at and we’ll email the new version by return email.  Very best, Kraig


Get Max Value with T12Ms!

Monday, June 18th, 2012

We’ve found that some users just aren’t getting what they could from Trailing 12-Month Charts (T12Ms).  Clearly, as pointed out in my talks and these blogs, T12Ms are the only tracking tool that works…yet many just aren’t getting maximum value from them.

We’ve discovered why!  Most of us read charts and columns of numbers in drone-zone, auto-pilot, sub-conscious mode.  The reason is that somewhere along the way we discovered, sub-consciously, that the conclusioons ordinary charts and columns of numbers lead us toward just don’t always pan out that way.  Sometimes our conclusion worked out the way we thought, often-times not.  And so we just put charts and numbers in the “maybe” place in our heads.

The solution is pretty simple, we just need to turn on our “analytical brains” whenever we look at T12M charts.  Easy to do:  just ask yourself three questions when viewing your T12Ms:
 1 – What are the T12M Charts trying to tell me?
 2 – Why is this happening (why is the chart doing that)?
 3 – What could or should I do about it (about what the chart shows)?
The first quesion activates our thinking brain and in a second or two you’ll see what you weren’t seeing before.  The second question encourages scientific reasoning to figure out the drivers behind the chart’s indications.  And of course, question three causes you to take appropriate action!  Trailing 12-Month Charts ALWAYS tell the truth, whereas the usually misleading ordinary charts we grew up with trained our brains to go into sub-conscious, non-acting mode.  Hope this helps your T12Ms realy pay off for you!

Best tracking, Kraig




Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

YES IT DOES WORK!  Despite Microsoft…

TOOLS ON THE “CEO TOOLS” BOOK’s CD!  Over 20,000 CEOs and Senior Executives use the various tools provided by our website and the “CEO Tools” book.  Microsoft purposely makes it “difficult” or “challenging” for users of its products and ours by introducing versions that block its own prior files from use as well as ours.  So, here’s the EASY SOLUTION:

Just copy-paste files from the “CEO Tools” CD into a new folder you create on your desktop, re-label it “CEO Tools” and then dbl-clk any tool to open and use it!


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