CEO Tools: The Manager's Workshop
Thursday, July 24, 2014
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JULY TOOL-TIP: REVISIT FIRST HALF TOOLS FOR RESULTS Take a look at our first six months tools in sequence and you'll see a bigger picture, a new path to success! Jan – Ask “how” we'll achieve goals. Feb – Make the “hows” visible, actionable. Mar – Reforecast to correct the course. Apr – Get goal “buy-in” by employees. May – Delegate for accountability. Jun – Recognize progress along the way. You'll grin at the gains! Very best, Kraig PS - See write-ups on each month/tool at


CEO Tools: The Manager's Workshop


At last, management tools for tightening up the nuts and bolts of business.

Just a twist of a wrench can literally change your world. Think, for a moment, about securing the bolts on an aircraft engine. The right tools and techniques are paramount.

CEO Tools Book

In business, it's the same. You need just the right business tools and know-how to be successful. These are "go-do-it" tools, not just more "how to" lessons. They have been created by Kraig Kramers, an eight-time veteran CEO. He puts easy-to-use management tools directly in your hands to make more money and improve your individual success immediately.

Book and CD available now!

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Best New Tools

Cash Manager Tool for 2013

Profitable growth is great, but it gobbles cash for breakfast! To get through the day, you need a great CASH MANAGEMENT tool: this is it, ready for use throughout 2013. Please don't grow without it! And please use it especially in recessions!

Click here for your instant, free PDF tool preview.